Easter Photos

All of my Easter Mini promo participants have received their images, and they ALL have reported to be very happy, which in turn, makes me happy!

With this year being my first year shooting for other families, I felt a ton of pressure. I mean an elephant sitting on an overly inflated beach ball amount of pressure. What if these families weren’t satisfied with the images I handed over to them? Am I really ready to shoot sessions for someone else? Should I even pursue a career as a professional photographer? These questions, and more constantly ran through my mind as the days for my  sessions drew nearer and nearer.

The first set of sessions had to be re-scheduled due to rain, the second set had a family that cancelled last minute, and the third was for a baby who was not too thrilled about having her photos taken. Although it sounds like it was a disaster, we came out with gorgeous images!

Easter Mini Sessions by TeAirra Mitchell Photography
Easter Mini Session samples from TeAirra Mitchell Photography

TeAirra Mitchell Photography is still a business in the making, one that I have big dreams and expectations for. All of the worries and concerns I had before the sessions, slowly ebbed away, and now I’m eager to meet the new faces that photography will allow me to encounter, and give them the gift of beautiful images as well.


If you are interested in a session, please, feel free to complete the form below


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