For the Love of Maternity

Pregnancy is such a beautiful journey; not only for the mother, but for those closest to her as well. Being surrounded by the creation of life, experiencing the joy of an innocent soul, and sharing the love with those you love most. No matter how tough of a pregnancy a mama might have, she will always want to be able to preserve that wonderful chapter of her life. Whether the mama only has one little one, or is pregnant with her 12th, each child is a blessing, and cherished for the rest of her life.

I was able to be apart of another mama’s New Life Chapter, and I felt so honored to be.

The mama I was privileged to shoot my first maternity session with, picked Mills College as her location for the shoot. She also wanted her son and husband apart of the photos. The mama picked Mills College because it was where her and her husband met in high school while participating in a college prep program. Being on the campus, watching her giggle at her husbands jokes, and laugh as her son ran around in the grass made my heart soar! I could sense the connection between the little family, the happiness of them being in a familiar place, and the excitement for the little person they’d soon be able to meet.


My first maternity session, and I was hooked. I can easily see me swooning over every mama that steps in front of my camera, soaking in all of her radiance. Me being able to do something I love to help capture a special time for the mama and her family, and seeing the joy on her face knowing that she will be able to cherish that pregnancy for years to come, just as she will the little one in her belly. I could live off that type of love.maternityforZen