One of my greatest attributes, and biggest flaws, is that I tend to be a perfectionist; everything has to be done precisely and be nothing less than pristine when complete. If I feel like I can do better, I will literally start over from the beginning if I can. I’m especially picky when it comes to things I’m passionate about– you guessed it: photography!

Since deciding to really set out to start my business, I’ve been learning, practicing and implementing every bit of information I can get into. In the beginning, Google was my best friend. Slowly, I realized I could watch videos on YouTube (duh! one can learn the basics of just about anything on YouTube), and stumbled on a channel focusing on maternity and newborn photography. The channel belonged to photographer Ana Brandt, and I immediately fell in love with how she carried herself during the session, the feel to her photographic style, and just her overall perfection in capturing her images. She was perfect! For awhile, I only caught snips of Ana from YouTube and fantasized being able to be that photographer some day.

Well! A couple months later, I discovered the joys of CreativeLive (where I found another photographer I admire, but that’s another post), another online video learning tool. Searching through the courses, I found Ana had her own CreativeLive course, TAoPaN, and I was just so amazed! Finally, after trying to get what I could from YouTube videos for so long, there was a course that would give me access to all of Ana’s newborn and maternity perfection! So, naturally, I wanted the course. And I saved the money I needed, and made the investment. I made the purchase about a month ago, and I still study the course, eager to obtain perfection.

Fast forward to this evening: I saw another tog like a Fb post that Ana was having a sale on her online workshops… O. M. G. AAANNNDDD, the sale was ending that evening. To top it all off, the online workshop is titled “4 Week Belly: Baby Perfection.” Now, we’re a little tight on cash because we had a burglary recently that threw a wrench in our financial plans, but how could I let this opportunity pass? I am now enrolled in the workshop.

Ana Brandt's TAoPaN Onile Workshop
Ana Brandt’s TAoPaN Onile Workshop

I really pride myself in working hard, getting educated, and producing quality, even outside of photography. Now that I’m starting a business, perfection isn’t optional, it’s necessary. People are coming to me, trusting me to give them images they can treasure years to come, images from times of their lives that can never be replicated or re-lived– timeless memories. And I don’t want to fail them. Sure the studying and practicing are part of my crazy perfection obsession, but my pushing through early days and late nights is an effort to make sure my TMPfamily can be assured that I’m doing my job.


With all that said, I will be updating on my progress in the workshop! I’m super excited, especially because I truly adore Ana Brandt, and she is a big inspiration to me. To be able to learn directly from her, and be in communication with her, is truly a blessing and honor. When I’m done, I’ll be able to say “yeah, I learned it all from Ana” and have a certificate to show off.


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