Fine Art Portraits – Bay Area Newborn Photographer

I’ve been working on having a special kind of portrait options for my clients– it’s been about a year in the making. Very recently, I finally began building my newborn portfolio. Going into my first newborn session, I knew I wanted to do something special for this family for allowing me to photograph their son as my very first newborn model. I felt this was such an a great act of trust, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude. 
After the session, I edited the gallery just as any other, but had a little something extra up my sleeve. For being my first newborn model, I wanted him to also be my first Fine Art Portrait. 

TeAirra Mitchell Painted Portrait: Newborn
TeAirra Mitchell Fine Art Portrait: Newborn


These portraits take an immense amount of attention to detail, and good deal of time, but they are more than worth the final product. Fine Art Portraits will be added to TeAirra Mitchell Photography’s session options and product list. In the meantime, I’d like this little guy’s family to know how much I appreciated being allowed into their home, their hospitality, and willingness to let me shoot their handsome man.
Thank you! 

Ps – I plan to whip out a few more fine art portraits, so look out for more!


4th of July Minis: Big Personality – Bay Area Children’s Photographer

Every now and then, I try to hold Mini-Sessions; sessions with a specific theme, a smaller price, and quicker session time to get you in and out. At my last session, I got to work with my dear, sweet nephew. Now this guy, he’s a character! But that’s what makes photographing kids fun!
For the whole 30 minute session, he was incredibly animated! He was singing, dancing, quoting Spongebob, giggling uncontrollably– and I was right there giggling with him.

Even though he’s my nephew, and we have an awesome relationship, this is how I’d like all children’s sessions to go. Kids grow overnight, and their personalities develop almost just as fast. To me, it’s important to capture the essence of who they are, rather than getting a forced smile from the “say cheese” gimmick.


Not all kids are as energetic as my nephew, but each kid has their own perspective on life, their own curiosities, and their own sense of humor; I’d like for every parent to have those unique characteristics immortalized through photographs.

Here he is, my bestest little guy!





And as a bonus: my nephew and my daughter, the sweetest apples in my eyes!


Facebook Contest: Cutest Baby Bump – Bay Area Photographer

Are you pregnant? Do you know someone who is pregnant? Doesn’t a FREE maternity session sound pretty awesome? How about a free maternity session AND a free newborn session? Even better, right? Well, right now, I’m hosting a contest on my Facebook Fan page, and the winner receives a free Maternity/ Newborn Session Bundle FOR FREE! 

Sounds too good to be true? Well, get over it! It’s true! Read on to see the complete list of rules on entering the contest. 

1. Head over to TeAirra Mitchell Photography on Facebook and hit the Like button.
2. Send TeAirra Mitchell Photography a message with a photo of your baby bump attached and your full first name. 
3. Once the contest begins on July 28, 2014, share your photo with your friends and family to try and get the most votes. 

It’s that simple! 

Every “Like” you receive on your photo will count as a vote, the photo with the most votes wins! Voters and Participants must be fans of TeAirra Mitchell Photography for votes to count. While participating in the contest, be sure that your friends and family Like the original photo posted on the TeAirra Mitchell Photography page, NOT the photo you share with them. The only way I can keep up with the Like of an image without missing any Likes is if the Like is registered on my page. 


Facebook Contest: Cutest Baby Bump
Facebook Contest: Cutest Baby Bump

To be sure all of your photo’s Likes are counted, be sure the following message is posted with your photo: 
“Please help me win The Cutest Baby Bump Contest! Go to  and become a fan by liking the page. Then, Like my photo to help me win the contest. Thank you!”

I will announce the winner on August 2, 2014, via Facebook. The winner will receive a maternity session on the date she and I agree on, and a newborn session within 12 days of their baby’s birth. 

I look forward to all the baby bump entries! Good luck!

This contest is no way endorsed or sponsored by Facebook. 

Oh, Boy! – Bay Area Newborn Photographer

As some of you may know, I’m taking Ana Brandt’s online workshop, “4 Week Belly Baby Perfection.” During the workshop, we had a two week break while Ana was on an over seas trip to apply what we’d learned so far. I was lucky enough to photograph this adorable little guy! 

TeAirra Mitchell Photography: Newborn Work
TeAirra Mitchell Photography: Newborn Work

Isn’t he so precious?

The little guy had just turned two weeks old, and was a dream to work with. He gave smiles (as you can see), he slept his whole session, and was never fussy. He was my second newborn, and confirmed that I would love a career in newborn photography. 


TeAirra Mitchell Photography: Newborn Work
TeAirra Mitchell Photography: Newborn Work
TeAirra Mitchell Photography: Newborn Work
TeAirra Mitchell Photography: Newborn Work

I am very pleased with these images, in all their simplicity, and can’t wait to watch myself grow over the years. Although I do plan to add more variety and color into my sessions, I also plan to stay true to my clean style. Enjoy!

Maternity Session: Heaven’s Little Surprises – Bay Area Photographer

In the midst of trying to build a portfolio, my amazing husband offers a lady he saw while at work everyday a photo session. She said she was interested, he passed my info to her, we talked, set a date, and had a session. I was so excited for this session because I had a vision in mind. I ordered a gown from the TAoPAN Store, made a floral crown, and brought along a few other effects to make the session pop. Little did I know, this mama-to-be would have a truly beautiful story to tell.


As a photographer, I like to connect with whoever I’m working with. Making these connections not only help the overall outcome of the images, but it’s one of the things I enjoy most about my job; I have the potential to form bonds with new people! So, while talking to this mama, I asked if her and her husband had been trying long to conceive. Her story literally brought tears to my eyes

. powellMaternity-240-Edit-Edit-Edit-copy

Her and her  husband had been together  over 10 years (including the years before marriage), and they are clearly in love. The two of them together reminded me a lot of me and my husband together, actually. Both of our pregnancies, in fact, were a surprise, except we weren’t trying to conceive… hehe. This Mama and her husband, on the other hand, had been trying, and they’d been trying for a very long time with no luck. Mama said she’d given up hope and decided that if they were unable to conceive a child naturally, they’d adopt a child rather than artificial fertilization.



She’d gone in to the doctor, requesting a fertility test and a flu shot because she’d been feeling a little sick.   The nurses told her they were unable to give patients the flu shot if they were already having symptoms, and that they’d also have to test for pregnancy because they really couldn’t give the shot if she was pregnant. Of course, she took the test, thinking it’d be negative, but God had decided to bless her and her husband with the baby they’d been praying for. I was floored by this testimony, and literally had to stop shooting for a bit to smile and take the time to share in the joy she was feeling.


We had a good time during the session. Our husbands got along, she and I got along, and we kept in touch during her waiting-for-baby-to-arrive period. The baby is here, and he is happy and healthy! His birth story is a whole different blog post, one I hope will come with his newborn photos. Well, enough of the jibber-jabber, here are the images!








Newborn Photography: The First Sessions – Bay Area Photographer

Recently, I enrolled in an online workshop with Ana Brandt called “4 Week Belly Baby Perfection”. Let me say: this workshop is AMAZING! I have always wanted to be a photographer, but I didn’t decide to start my own business until I became pregnant with my daughter. I was a little bummed that I couldn’t capture my pregnancy the way I envisioned, and after she was born, I quickly realized I did not have the skill set of a professional newborn photographer. So, when I came across this workshop, I didn’t hesitate to enroll.

The workshop is wrapping up, and I’m still learning and discovering new things. For this past week, Ana gave us all an optional assignment to either do a session using what we’d learned so far, or post a “Before and After” edit of an old session we did. I’d become weary of photographing newborns after my attempts with my own daughter, but with the lessons from the workshop under my belt, I took on the challenge. I just so happened to know of two little baby boys that had just been born.

Since I’m still starting out in my business, I have limited funds, and didn’t have all the high end equipment that most newborn photographers have. However, Ana had mentioned in a couple of her classes how she started with nothing, and made her way from no way– just the inspiration I needed! I went to the sessions with my daughter’s Boppy, some of her receiving blankets (all clean of course), a couple of wraps I’d found online, two household throws, and some homemade crochet hats I’d whipped together.

Here are the assignments I turned in: (click images to enlarge)


As proud as I am of these images, I still have a long way to go. From this process, however, I can say that I’m leaning towards being a Family Photographer specializing in maternity and newborn. I’m so excited for all that is to come! All the first time Mamas that I get to watch embark on their motherhood journey, the Mama who are blessed to extend their family, the babies that I get to cuddle and capture, and all the precious moments I’ll be able to turn into timeless memories! I can’t wait!