Newborn Photography: The First Sessions – Bay Area Photographer

Recently, I enrolled in an online workshop with Ana Brandt called “4 Week Belly Baby Perfection”. Let me say: this workshop is AMAZING! I have always wanted to be a photographer, but I didn’t decide to start my own business until I became pregnant with my daughter. I was a little bummed that I couldn’t capture my pregnancy the way I envisioned, and after she was born, I quickly realized I did not have the skill set of a professional newborn photographer. So, when I came across this workshop, I didn’t hesitate to enroll.

The workshop is wrapping up, and I’m still learning and discovering new things. For this past week, Ana gave us all an optional assignment to either do a session using what we’d learned so far, or post a “Before and After” edit of an old session we did. I’d become weary of photographing newborns after my attempts with my own daughter, but with the lessons from the workshop under my belt, I took on the challenge. I just so happened to know of two little baby boys that had just been born.

Since I’m still starting out in my business, I have limited funds, and didn’t have all the high end equipment that most newborn photographers have. However, Ana had mentioned in a couple of her classes how she started with nothing, and made her way from no way– just the inspiration I needed! I went to the sessions with my daughter’s Boppy, some of her receiving blankets (all clean of course), a couple of wraps I’d found online, two household throws, and some homemade crochet hats I’d whipped together.

Here are the assignments I turned in: (click images to enlarge)


As proud as I am of these images, I still have a long way to go. From this process, however, I can say that I’m leaning towards being a Family Photographer specializing in maternity and newborn. I’m so excited for all that is to come! All the first time Mamas that I get to watch embark on their motherhood journey, the Mama who are blessed to extend their family, the babies that I get to cuddle and capture, and all the precious moments I’ll be able to turn into timeless memories! I can’t wait!


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