4th of July Minis: Big Personality – Bay Area Children’s Photographer

Every now and then, I try to hold Mini-Sessions; sessions with a specific theme, a smaller price, and quicker session time to get you in and out. At my last session, I got to work with my dear, sweet nephew. Now this guy, he’s a character! But that’s what makes photographing kids fun!
For the whole 30 minute session, he was incredibly animated! He was singing, dancing, quoting Spongebob, giggling uncontrollably– and I was right there giggling with him.

Even though he’s my nephew, and we have an awesome relationship, this is how I’d like all children’s sessions to go. Kids grow overnight, and their personalities develop almost just as fast. To me, it’s important to capture the essence of who they are, rather than getting a forced smile from the “say cheese” gimmick.


Not all kids are as energetic as my nephew, but each kid has their own perspective on life, their own curiosities, and their own sense of humor; I’d like for every parent to have those unique characteristics immortalized through photographs.

Here he is, my bestest little guy!





And as a bonus: my nephew and my daughter, the sweetest apples in my eyes!



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