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Ok, I know, the title sounds a tad bit cheesy, but bare with me for a bit. I promiseit’ll make sense soon. Mariana + Frank 12Mariana + Frank 1

Quick back story: Mariana and Frank decided to have a small courthouse wedding, but wanted to host a reception so they could celebrate their union with their loved ones– and what a celebration it was. Mariana + Frank 2Mariana + Frank 6Mariana + Frank 13

I met the groom, Frank, at his cousin’s wedding; he was the best man and I was the photographer. Frank’s family knows how to party, and how to show their guests a great time– I had a blast capturing that wedding reception! To add to their party skills, Frank’s family also had an amazing love for life that was felt throughout both Frank’s, and his cousin’s wedding. And Frank’s bride’s family had the same amazing love for life. Mariana + Frank 10Mariana + Frank 3

Mariana, Frank’s gorgeous bride, has a great family also. Her family traveled all the way from Brazil to celebrate Mariana’s wedding; Her beautiful mom and sisters, her sisters’ husbands, her father, and her nieces and nephews. Although they were few in number, they made up for it with their presence on the dance floor.  Seriously, their dance moves were breath taking! Just watching made we want to take a vacation in Brazil. I’m even trying to talk my husband into lessons 🙂  Put these two families together for a celebration, and you have one hot wedding reception; amazing dancing (from the entire family), great food, good company, hundreds of laughs and smiles– simply beautiful.Mariana + Frank 7Mariana + Frank 9

Everyone was enjoying themselves so much, we ran out of time for bride and groom portraits (but we were still able to sneak in a few). Even their little one joined in with the festivities! Mariana has such a beautiful, loving spirit, and Frank obviously knows he’s found the perfect wife in his lovely bride. Should he ever happen to forget, one look at her and their adorable little boy is all the reminder he’ll need; I’m sure of it.  I was lucky enough to witness two marriages in this family, and I can wait to capture all of their new memories in the years to come. Mariana + Frank 11 Mariana + Frank 4 Mariana + Frank 5Mariana + Frank 8


To My Husband, on Father’s Day

Hey Babe =]

Happy Father’s Day!

When we first started dating, you would always talk about how you wanted a daughter, “I want a Daddy’s Girl,” you would say. Then we found out I was pregnant. As badly as I wanted a boy, you just knew she was a girl. When the ultrasound tech said’ “Yep, her legs are nice and open, and she is definitely a girl,” I was a little surprised– but you weren’t. You knew you were getting your little girl.

Being married to you, and watching you grow as a husband, has been an amazing experience, but not nearly as amazing as you being a father to our child.

Listening to all the giggles and laughs you create, watching all the tickle fights and chases around the house; even knowing that one day, you’ll put on a tutu with her, and take her for a “Daddy-Daughter Day on the Town”, it all warms my heart so much.

The late nights staying up with me, trying to get her to stop fighting her sleep. Mornings waking up to breakfast bagel sandwiches, and having Dad’s hotdog dinners. All of it, means so much to me, and Maddie.

I see her throughout the day, going to the front door and asking “Dada?” as she waits for you to finally come home. The excitement in her eyes when she hears you turning the lock, and then her running to the door to get thrown in the air by her Daddy. The cuddles in bed as you sing along to “Let it Go,” with her. The amusement in taking Daddy-Daughter selfies, and decorating them with stickers. I see it all.

We see it all. Because you have a Daddy’s Girl who watches you, adores you, and loves you with all her little heart. She knows her Daddy loves her, and that he’s her best playmate, and the one who won’t let the crocodile tears get her candy–but she wouldn’t have it any other way. And neither would I.

On this Father’s Day, I just wanted to recognize you for the amazing father, husband, provider, and protector you are. Life without you, would hardly be life at all, and I thank God for you everyday. I hope you enjoy your day, even though I know you’re too humble to take it as “your day.”

I look forward to more years of parenting with you, and hopefully another little bundle we can add to our family. I love you, and Happy Father’s Day! DadnMaddie

Beautiful Boudoir Session (Testimonial) | Bay Area Portrait Photographer| Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography

Back in January I hosted a small Boudoir event, after helping my friend, Danielle, with her boudoir mini-sessions. The event went better than I could have hoped for, and I was thrilled with the positive feedback I received from the ladies. They all told me after seeing their images, they felt more confident, and couldn’t believe that was them in the photos.

I absolutely adore showing women how beautiful they really are!

Boudoir Photography

Here’s a love note from Jhamaria, one of the ladies who attended the event back in January:

Here’s the full testimonial (I was so teary eyed reading this!):

Boudoir PhotographyLet me start off by saying, I LOVE TeAirra! I was recommended by a good friend of mine who actually went to college with her. From the moment we began setting up dates for the boudior mini photoshoot I could tell I was going to really enjoy myself because of her warm spirit she gives off the moment you begin conversation with her!Boudoir Photography

As the week approached to the shoot she was awesome at checking in with me, going over ideas for what to wear, and even the full concept of my vision!  On the day of, she was so welcoming,  offered me a makeup artist and hairstylist,  champagne,  a cute robe to walk around in as she finished prepping everything, and even played my choice of music(so accommodating!)  Typically I am very shy, but the entire vibe (and maybe the champagne&the Beyoncé playing in the background) helped me come out of my shell. TeAirra continously reassured me how great I looked in front of the camera which seriously helped my confidence with being sexy! I would recommend her as a photographer anyday! She even gives you delicious chocolates after the shoot and made sure to remain in touch with me about my photos.

Boudoir PhotographyThere was a bit of a delay on the photobook I had ordered sowhat did she do to accommodate me? Created an app for me for my phone that had a password that I was able to share with my significant other in the meantime until the arrival of all my book! So thankful for her for doing that because it shows she cares about her clients 🙂

Nevertheless,  I received my little black book of photos and am SO pleased with them. TeAirra brought the beauty out of me through a lens and I honestly cannot thank her enough for doing that for me! Book her for your next photoshoot now!
Jhamaria M.Boudoir Photography

 Boudoir PhotographyBoudoir Photography

If Jhamaria’s story spoke to you, maybe it’s time you treated yourself to a boudoir session! 🙂 Visit, and send me a message, I’d love to talk to you about your boudoir experience!