A Love Letter, Just Because 

Dearest Husband, 
You never cease to amaze me. The love you have for me and the girls is evident in everything you do. How you beat the sun every morning on your way to work, and come home to the night sky. The way you magically clean the house while we’re away, including managing to complete our impossible loads of laundry. Your love for the Lord and keeping Him the head of our household. All these things you do, day in and day out, with never a single complaint. 
When the three-nager wants to play nail shop, you’re her best customer. When the baby wants to be held, you’re her favorite pillow. When I think the sky is falling, that I’m not enough, and at my absolute worst, you whisper the sweetest prayers of love and encouragement. 
Never do we hear you say you’re too tired. Never do you say you don’t have time for us. Never have you not given your all to be the amazing husband and father we adore so much. 
I thank God for you everyday, especially for the trials He’s walked us through. He gave me the greatest blessing when He made me your wife. I have all that I’ll ever need or want, simply because I’m married to you: a best friend, a lover, a teacher, a mentor, a support system, and the greatest Dad for my children. 
As a little girl, I would look in the mirror, fixing my hair for how it would look when I met my Prince Charming. As I grew older, I didn’t believe Prince Charmings existed, let alone that any Prince Charming would take me. Yet here I am, living out a fairytale love story far greater than I ever could have imagined. 
I know we say “I love you” many times throughout the day, but I wanted you to know all that’s behind those three words each time I say them to you. I love you more each day, with every kiss, with every hug, with every tear, and with every passing moment together. I love you, Oooldman. 

With love, 



Baby C’s 6 Month Milestone | Bay Area Baby Photographer | Oakland, CA

One of my favorite perks of my job is seeing all of these beautiful babies grow! I’ve heard people say being a newborn and baby photographer can be a hazardous occupation because you always have baby fever. But to me, it’s the perfect baby-fix: I get to have fun with them for a couple of hours, coo over how adorable they are, then send them back with Mom and Dad as I await our next photo-play-date.

Oakland Baby Photographer

Recently, the Oooldman and I got to see this sweet baby, along with her mom, dad, big brother and god parents. Anytime we get together with this family, it’s more than just a photo shoot, or portrait reveal, it’s good ol’ quality time for everyone– another perk to the job.

Oakland Baby Photographer

We’ll get together again in about 6 months to do her 1st Year Portraits and Cake Smash, and I’ve already been putting together the details to tie in this precious series of shots.

Oakland Baby Photographer
So adorable!
Oakland Baby Photographer
Birthday Suit shots are always a must
Oakland Baby Photographer
Love this gorgeous top from Baby in Vouge!
Oakland Baby Photographer
These black and whites are just everything!
Oakland Baby Photographer
One of my fav baby props by JD Vintage Props


Oakland Baby Photographer
I love that they did the shoot in front of their home

I hope you enjoyed the images. If you or someone you know are interested in Maternity, Newborn, and Baby portraiture, please leave us a message on our site at www.teairramitchell.com/contact 

Big thank you to JD Vintage Props and Baby in Vogue for their lovely pieces used in this gallery! For images like these, follow us on Facebook and IG!