Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mothers, Grandmothers, God-Mothers, Step-Mothers, and Honorary Mothers! Mother’s Day is such a special time of the year for us at TeAirra Mitchell Photography; not only because a majority of our clients are mothers, but also because my husband and I are big babies who still love to cuddle up with our moms.

On our Facebook page we’ve been telling our TMP followers that we had some special announcements to make for Mother’s Day, and now we’re dishing the details! This Mother’s Day, Maternity and Newborn portraits are all 25% off until June 6th, 2016—no discount code necessary!

Also in honor of Mother’s Day, we’re offering Mommy-Themed Minis on May 28th, 2016, which include the following options for booking:

  • Mommy and Me Minis
  • Milestone Minis
  • Maternity Minis
  • Special Edition: Wrapped in Love Minis

As May 28th gets closer, we will release more details about each mini-session, and an exclusive Mother’s Day product that is sure to make any mother’s heart melt. But you don’t have to wait to book your mini-session, you can book today! To book a Maternity or Newborn portrait session, or reserve your spot for the mini-sessions, please email info@teairramitchell.com noting which session you’re interested in booking in the subject.

Last, but certainly not least, we will be announcing details of our newest Maternity and Newborn service: the Baby Plan! The TMP Baby Plan will be an all-inclusive package to capture your baby’s Newborn, Six Month Milestone, and First Year Portraits, providing moms the opportunity to preserve the most precious moments of baby’s first year.

To celebrate the release of The Baby Plan one lucky mama will receive a Baby Plan during our Honorary Mothers Day Giveaway. To be sure you receive updates on everything happening this May, follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter.

We hope your Mothers Day was full of lots of love and plenty of time spent with your family. Be sure to check-in for more details about all the happenings at TMP. For more information on TeAirra Mitchell Photography, please visit our website at www.teairramitchell.com.



Fine Art Portraits – Bay Area Newborn Photographer

I’ve been working on having a special kind of portrait options for my clients– it’s been about a year in the making. Very recently, I finally began building my newborn portfolio. Going into my first newborn session, I knew I wanted to do something special for this family for allowing me to photograph their son as my very first newborn model. I felt this was such an a great act of trust, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude. 
After the session, I edited the gallery just as any other, but had a little something extra up my sleeve. For being my first newborn model, I wanted him to also be my first Fine Art Portrait. 

TeAirra Mitchell Painted Portrait: Newborn
TeAirra Mitchell Fine Art Portrait: Newborn


These portraits take an immense amount of attention to detail, and good deal of time, but they are more than worth the final product. Fine Art Portraits will be added to TeAirra Mitchell Photography’s session options and product list. In the meantime, I’d like this little guy’s family to know how much I appreciated being allowed into their home, their hospitality, and willingness to let me shoot their handsome man.
Thank you! 

Ps – I plan to whip out a few more fine art portraits, so look out for more!

Oh, Boy! – Bay Area Newborn Photographer

As some of you may know, I’m taking Ana Brandt’s online workshop, “4 Week Belly Baby Perfection.” During the workshop, we had a two week break while Ana was on an over seas trip to apply what we’d learned so far. I was lucky enough to photograph this adorable little guy! 

TeAirra Mitchell Photography: Newborn Work
TeAirra Mitchell Photography: Newborn Work

Isn’t he so precious?

The little guy had just turned two weeks old, and was a dream to work with. He gave smiles (as you can see), he slept his whole session, and was never fussy. He was my second newborn, and confirmed that I would love a career in newborn photography. 


TeAirra Mitchell Photography: Newborn Work
TeAirra Mitchell Photography: Newborn Work
TeAirra Mitchell Photography: Newborn Work
TeAirra Mitchell Photography: Newborn Work

I am very pleased with these images, in all their simplicity, and can’t wait to watch myself grow over the years. Although I do plan to add more variety and color into my sessions, I also plan to stay true to my clean style. Enjoy!

Newborn Photography: The First Sessions – Bay Area Photographer

Recently, I enrolled in an online workshop with Ana Brandt called “4 Week Belly Baby Perfection”. Let me say: this workshop is AMAZING! I have always wanted to be a photographer, but I didn’t decide to start my own business until I became pregnant with my daughter. I was a little bummed that I couldn’t capture my pregnancy the way I envisioned, and after she was born, I quickly realized I did not have the skill set of a professional newborn photographer. So, when I came across this workshop, I didn’t hesitate to enroll.

The workshop is wrapping up, and I’m still learning and discovering new things. For this past week, Ana gave us all an optional assignment to either do a session using what we’d learned so far, or post a “Before and After” edit of an old session we did. I’d become weary of photographing newborns after my attempts with my own daughter, but with the lessons from the workshop under my belt, I took on the challenge. I just so happened to know of two little baby boys that had just been born.

Since I’m still starting out in my business, I have limited funds, and didn’t have all the high end equipment that most newborn photographers have. However, Ana had mentioned in a couple of her classes how she started with nothing, and made her way from no way– just the inspiration I needed! I went to the sessions with my daughter’s Boppy, some of her receiving blankets (all clean of course), a couple of wraps I’d found online, two household throws, and some homemade crochet hats I’d whipped together.

Here are the assignments I turned in: (click images to enlarge)


As proud as I am of these images, I still have a long way to go. From this process, however, I can say that I’m leaning towards being a Family Photographer specializing in maternity and newborn. I’m so excited for all that is to come! All the first time Mamas that I get to watch embark on their motherhood journey, the Mama who are blessed to extend their family, the babies that I get to cuddle and capture, and all the precious moments I’ll be able to turn into timeless memories! I can’t wait!