Now Offering: In-Studio Maternity Portraits | Oakland Maternity Portrait Photographer

Ok, yal.

I am sooooo excited to say I can now offer in-studio maternity portraits! This is HUGE because I’ve had mamas request to stay indoors for their shoot, or there have been times when we were rained out of our location, and, since babies come when they please, it’s not always possible to reschedule a maternity shoot before baby makes their grand entrance.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been working on figuring out how to still give beautiful portraits in-studio without having to ask clients to rent a separate space. And I think I’ve figured it out.

Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell


This mama had a very specific, yet simple, vision in mind for her shoot, and it worked perfectly in our space. Honestly, I was worried we wouldn’t have many good shots, but I ended up having a hard time deciding which images to edit for her reveal.

Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell
Maternity Photography in Oakland, CA

She didn’t want to look at the camera (personal preference of hers), but we still got a ton of great angles with different types of light setups to give her even more diversity in her gallery.

Above, is the simple beauty light setup, and below is her backlight set up.

Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell

The best part about in-studio maternity shoots? Mamas not having to be nervous about people watching as they shoot. This mama even got excited about doing a fine-art nude setup (not pictured), along with some drama-ish shots (below).


Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell
Maternity Photography in Oakland, CA


Then there’s the big question: But what if I REALLY want outdoor portraits?

No worries. I got you covered.

There’s a park not too far from our space, and it’s perfect for adding on a quick outdoor segment to your session.

Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell
Maternity Photography in Oakland, CA
Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell
Maternity Photography in Oakland, CA
Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell
Maternity Photography in Oakland, CA
Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell
Maternity Photography in Oakland, CA


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Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mothers, Grandmothers, God-Mothers, Step-Mothers, and Honorary Mothers! Mother’s Day is such a special time of the year for us at TeAirra Mitchell Photography; not only because a majority of our clients are mothers, but also because my husband and I are big babies who still love to cuddle up with our moms.

On our Facebook page we’ve been telling our TMP followers that we had some special announcements to make for Mother’s Day, and now we’re dishing the details! This Mother’s Day, Maternity and Newborn portraits are all 25% off until June 6th, 2016—no discount code necessary!

Also in honor of Mother’s Day, we’re offering Mommy-Themed Minis on May 28th, 2016, which include the following options for booking:

  • Mommy and Me Minis
  • Milestone Minis
  • Maternity Minis
  • Special Edition: Wrapped in Love Minis

As May 28th gets closer, we will release more details about each mini-session, and an exclusive Mother’s Day product that is sure to make any mother’s heart melt. But you don’t have to wait to book your mini-session, you can book today! To book a Maternity or Newborn portrait session, or reserve your spot for the mini-sessions, please email noting which session you’re interested in booking in the subject.

Last, but certainly not least, we will be announcing details of our newest Maternity and Newborn service: the Baby Plan! The TMP Baby Plan will be an all-inclusive package to capture your baby’s Newborn, Six Month Milestone, and First Year Portraits, providing moms the opportunity to preserve the most precious moments of baby’s first year.

To celebrate the release of The Baby Plan one lucky mama will receive a Baby Plan during our Honorary Mothers Day Giveaway. To be sure you receive updates on everything happening this May, follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter.

We hope your Mothers Day was full of lots of love and plenty of time spent with your family. Be sure to check-in for more details about all the happenings at TMP. For more information on TeAirra Mitchell Photography, please visit our website at


Ocean Beach Maternity Session | Bay Area Maternity Photography | San Francisco, CA

Lately, photo sessions at TeAirra Mitchell Photography have been a little slow. The weather has been gloomy and stormy so on location photography isn’t the most popular around this time of year. But the weather is starting to warm up, the days are beginning to get longer, and mamas are announcing their pregnancies left and right.

Ocean Beach Maternity Photography 4

When Jasmine emailed me about a maternity session, I was over the moon! I’ve so missed seeing that special maternal glow, the way dad’s smile at the woman carrying their little ones, and the excitement from the anticipation of it all. Finally, I get to work gorgeous mamas and their baby bellies! And imagine my excitement when I found out that this mama was expecting two little girls—there are no words.© TeAirra Mitchell Photography - Jasmine-17

Throughout the whole week of the shoot, we were worried about the storm that was due to roll in on the day of our shoot. Luckily, the storm decided to come a day later, leaving us with breathtaking skies and clouds during the shoot; sunset shoot, at Ocean Beach, over Sutro Baths with a beautiful couple waiting on their first-born twin girls, simply perfection! The weather wasn’t too cool, the wind didn’t give us a hard time, and everything was perfect, down to the dress Jasmine brought in for her portraits.

© TeAirra Mitchell Photography - Jasmine-20Ocean Beach Maternity Photography 3

I can only imagine what carrying twins must feel like, carrying one baby isn’t exactly a walk along the beach as it is, but Jasmine made it all seem so effortless and graceful. In the beginning she admitted she felt awkward taking pictures and being pregnant with twins (although she looked flawless), but she never once complained of discomfort either, and shared some pretty loving moments with Dad. They were both great to work with, and their gallery is my favorite maternity shoot to date.

Ocean Beach Maternity Photography 1

So, message to the all the mamas out there, even the ones carrying multiples:

Although you might feel larger that you care for, your belly feels like it might burst if those little people keep pushing around in there, and you just don’t feel as confident as you’d like, you’re beautiful despite it all. You’re creating the most precious little beings who are our future, and your maternity portraits will be an amazing part of your family’s legacy, so don’t let a few discomforts keep you from capturing this timeless moment in your family’s history. Find a photographer, find a dress you love, and get out there and have fun! Then enjoy the beautiful portraits that will result, that’s all there is to it.

Ocean Beach Maternity Photography 2© TeAirra Mitchell Photography - Jasmine-28

For more information on Maternity Sessions by TeAirra Mitchell Photography, please visit our website and send us a contact form, we’d love to get in touch with you. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too!

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Session | Bay Area Portrait Photographer | Maternity Photography

I’ve been wanting to do a nude maternity session ever since I was pregnant. There’s just something extraordinarily beautiful about the pregnant figure, to me. But, I’ve never had a mama that really wanted to. Until now!

Nude Maternity Photography

I got an email from my website saying “Hey! I have this idea for a shoot that I’m dying to do and I absolutely love your work. Please give me a call.” So I called her, and I almost screamed with excitement when she said “I really want to do a nude shoot outside with my pregnant belly.”

Seriously, I could’ve passed out!

We decided on Baker Beach, because it is a nude beach. And yes, it was very cold, but this mama was determined and so was I!

In between sets, I had her wear my coat and my assistant and I did everything we could to keep her warm. We wrapped up the session in about 45 minutes because I didn’t want the poor girl to suffer any more. But the results were amazing!

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

Baker Beach Nude Maternity PhotographyBaker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

This mama was really excited to add her son into the images; it was so adorable watching him enjoy the beach (despite the cold), and talk about the baby in mommy’s belly!

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Session

Do I want to shoot more of these sessions? OH YEAH! If you, or someone you know is interested in maternity photography services, please visit my website, and send a message through my contact form. I love working with bellies and babies!


Maternity Session: Heaven’s Little Surprises – Bay Area Photographer

In the midst of trying to build a portfolio, my amazing husband offers a lady he saw while at work everyday a photo session. She said she was interested, he passed my info to her, we talked, set a date, and had a session. I was so excited for this session because I had a vision in mind. I ordered a gown from the TAoPAN Store, made a floral crown, and brought along a few other effects to make the session pop. Little did I know, this mama-to-be would have a truly beautiful story to tell.


As a photographer, I like to connect with whoever I’m working with. Making these connections not only help the overall outcome of the images, but it’s one of the things I enjoy most about my job; I have the potential to form bonds with new people! So, while talking to this mama, I asked if her and her husband had been trying long to conceive. Her story literally brought tears to my eyes

. powellMaternity-240-Edit-Edit-Edit-copy

Her and her  husband had been together  over 10 years (including the years before marriage), and they are clearly in love. The two of them together reminded me a lot of me and my husband together, actually. Both of our pregnancies, in fact, were a surprise, except we weren’t trying to conceive… hehe. This Mama and her husband, on the other hand, had been trying, and they’d been trying for a very long time with no luck. Mama said she’d given up hope and decided that if they were unable to conceive a child naturally, they’d adopt a child rather than artificial fertilization.



She’d gone in to the doctor, requesting a fertility test and a flu shot because she’d been feeling a little sick.   The nurses told her they were unable to give patients the flu shot if they were already having symptoms, and that they’d also have to test for pregnancy because they really couldn’t give the shot if she was pregnant. Of course, she took the test, thinking it’d be negative, but God had decided to bless her and her husband with the baby they’d been praying for. I was floored by this testimony, and literally had to stop shooting for a bit to smile and take the time to share in the joy she was feeling.


We had a good time during the session. Our husbands got along, she and I got along, and we kept in touch during her waiting-for-baby-to-arrive period. The baby is here, and he is happy and healthy! His birth story is a whole different blog post, one I hope will come with his newborn photos. Well, enough of the jibber-jabber, here are the images!









One of my greatest attributes, and biggest flaws, is that I tend to be a perfectionist; everything has to be done precisely and be nothing less than pristine when complete. If I feel like I can do better, I will literally start over from the beginning if I can. I’m especially picky when it comes to things I’m passionate about– you guessed it: photography!

Since deciding to really set out to start my business, I’ve been learning, practicing and implementing every bit of information I can get into. In the beginning, Google was my best friend. Slowly, I realized I could watch videos on YouTube (duh! one can learn the basics of just about anything on YouTube), and stumbled on a channel focusing on maternity and newborn photography. The channel belonged to photographer Ana Brandt, and I immediately fell in love with how she carried herself during the session, the feel to her photographic style, and just her overall perfection in capturing her images. She was perfect! For awhile, I only caught snips of Ana from YouTube and fantasized being able to be that photographer some day.

Well! A couple months later, I discovered the joys of CreativeLive (where I found another photographer I admire, but that’s another post), another online video learning tool. Searching through the courses, I found Ana had her own CreativeLive course, TAoPaN, and I was just so amazed! Finally, after trying to get what I could from YouTube videos for so long, there was a course that would give me access to all of Ana’s newborn and maternity perfection! So, naturally, I wanted the course. And I saved the money I needed, and made the investment. I made the purchase about a month ago, and I still study the course, eager to obtain perfection.

Fast forward to this evening: I saw another tog like a Fb post that Ana was having a sale on her online workshops… O. M. G. AAANNNDDD, the sale was ending that evening. To top it all off, the online workshop is titled “4 Week Belly: Baby Perfection.” Now, we’re a little tight on cash because we had a burglary recently that threw a wrench in our financial plans, but how could I let this opportunity pass? I am now enrolled in the workshop.

Ana Brandt's TAoPaN Onile Workshop
Ana Brandt’s TAoPaN Onile Workshop

I really pride myself in working hard, getting educated, and producing quality, even outside of photography. Now that I’m starting a business, perfection isn’t optional, it’s necessary. People are coming to me, trusting me to give them images they can treasure years to come, images from times of their lives that can never be replicated or re-lived– timeless memories. And I don’t want to fail them. Sure the studying and practicing are part of my crazy perfection obsession, but my pushing through early days and late nights is an effort to make sure my TMPfamily can be assured that I’m doing my job.


With all that said, I will be updating on my progress in the workshop! I’m super excited, especially because I truly adore Ana Brandt, and she is a big inspiration to me. To be able to learn directly from her, and be in communication with her, is truly a blessing and honor. When I’m done, I’ll be able to say “yeah, I learned it all from Ana” and have a certificate to show off.

For the Love of Maternity

Pregnancy is such a beautiful journey; not only for the mother, but for those closest to her as well. Being surrounded by the creation of life, experiencing the joy of an innocent soul, and sharing the love with those you love most. No matter how tough of a pregnancy a mama might have, she will always want to be able to preserve that wonderful chapter of her life. Whether the mama only has one little one, or is pregnant with her 12th, each child is a blessing, and cherished for the rest of her life.

I was able to be apart of another mama’s New Life Chapter, and I felt so honored to be.

The mama I was privileged to shoot my first maternity session with, picked Mills College as her location for the shoot. She also wanted her son and husband apart of the photos. The mama picked Mills College because it was where her and her husband met in high school while participating in a college prep program. Being on the campus, watching her giggle at her husbands jokes, and laugh as her son ran around in the grass made my heart soar! I could sense the connection between the little family, the happiness of them being in a familiar place, and the excitement for the little person they’d soon be able to meet.


My first maternity session, and I was hooked. I can easily see me swooning over every mama that steps in front of my camera, soaking in all of her radiance. Me being able to do something I love to help capture a special time for the mama and her family, and seeing the joy on her face knowing that she will be able to cherish that pregnancy for years to come, just as she will the little one in her belly. I could live off that type of love.maternityforZen