The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience with Jasmine Star: Day 1

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I’m a huge CreativeLive fan!

I believe the only way to grow my business is to constantly research and practice, and CreativeLive is an awesome resource for creative entrepreneurs, like myself.

You might have read my last blog post, about how I lost myself in the struggle to start my portrait business, and came to the realization that I need to stay focused on my vision.

Well, I tuned into CreativeLive today only to hear one of my favorite wedding photographers to talk about every single issue I was struggling with the night before. So, I’ve decided to commit to her 6-week workshop. I’ve been on the look for a new class to take, and today’s class was a major wake-up call. And I think it would be great to add some spice to my wedding services.

Throughout the 6-weeks I’m going to try to blog the class’s affect, here, of course, and once it’s all over, I’m hoping to do a recap. Why? To hold myself accountable and to document my progress.

I’m not going to post my notes or anything like that though, because I respect and appreciate all that CreativeLive and Jasmine Star does for the creative community. I will, however, link you to the workshop

in case you’re interested in tuning in for yourself. =]

I have not been endorsed by CreativeLive and Jasmine Star in any way to promote this workshop, I simply believe that all creatives should tune in to every now and then to see what all they have to offer.