To My Husband, on Father’s Day

Hey Babe =]

Happy Father’s Day!

When we first started dating, you would always talk about how you wanted a daughter, “I want a Daddy’s Girl,” you would say. Then we found out I was pregnant. As badly as I wanted a boy, you just knew she was a girl. When the ultrasound tech said’ “Yep, her legs are nice and open, and she is definitely a girl,” I was a little surprised– but you weren’t. You knew you were getting your little girl.

Being married to you, and watching you grow as a husband, has been an amazing experience, but not nearly as amazing as you being a father to our child.

Listening to all the giggles and laughs you create, watching all the tickle fights and chases around the house; even knowing that one day, you’ll put on a tutu with her, and take her for a “Daddy-Daughter Day on the Town”, it all warms my heart so much.

The late nights staying up with me, trying to get her to stop fighting her sleep. Mornings waking up to breakfast bagel sandwiches, and having Dad’s hotdog dinners. All of it, means so much to me, and Maddie.

I see her throughout the day, going to the front door and asking “Dada?” as she waits for you to finally come home. The excitement in her eyes when she hears you turning the lock, and then her running to the door to get thrown in the air by her Daddy. The cuddles in bed as you sing along to “Let it Go,” with her. The amusement in taking Daddy-Daughter selfies, and decorating them with stickers. I see it all.

We see it all. Because you have a Daddy’s Girl who watches you, adores you, and loves you with all her little heart. She knows her Daddy loves her, and that he’s her best playmate, and the one who won’t let the crocodile tears get her candy–but she wouldn’t have it any other way. And neither would I.

On this Father’s Day, I just wanted to recognize you for the amazing father, husband, provider, and protector you are. Life without you, would hardly be life at all, and I thank God for you everyday. I hope you enjoy your day, even though I know you’re too humble to take it as “your day.”

I look forward to more years of parenting with you, and hopefully another little bundle we can add to our family. I love you, and Happy Father’s Day! DadnMaddie